Sencity is a collaborative teaching and innovation project around the Internet of Things and the smart city, winner in 2014 of the “Innovative Training” calls from the Lorraine Region.

Supported by TELECOM Nancy joined by 3 other schools of the Collégium Lorraine INP, the Sencity project is funded by the Lorraine Region and the University of Lorraine.

The project consists of a common course, which will also be open to industrialists, where project-based pedagogy is applied, i.e. students will have to design, develop and experiment with new connected services in interaction with citizens and their environment, while acquiring mastery of the technologies used. These innovative services will be based in particular on wireless sensor networks for data collection, smartphones for their visualization, or the engineering of large masses of data for processing.

Electric car – sencity

The experimentation platform is made up of several types of equipment. On the one hand, there are many connected and ubiquitous equipment that can be deployed indoors, at the scale of a building, or outdoors, at the scale of the city, thanks to the instrumentation of an electric car. On the other hand, there is infrastructure equipment used for the storage and processing of the massive data collected.

Sencity experimentation project