Internet Systems and Security


Backbone of communications amongst objects, humans, companies, and administrations, the Internet is a great integration platform capable of efficiently interconnecting billions of entities, from RFID chips to data centers.

Mastering the Internet and its services, composed of heterogeneous and constantly evolving architectures and protocols, with strong requirements in cyber-security, is an essential skill for  innovative companies.

It constitutes a major leverage for their competitiveness and growth, through the design of new value-added services, the orchestration of related complex systems, and their protection against attacks.

The ISS specialisation trains engineers with a high capacity to adapt, capable of designing and installing the business network infrastructure and associated software for the secure and high performance exchange of data.

• Analyst / Consultant in Cyber-Security
• Integrator of Securized Solutions for the Internet
• Expert in Penetration Testing
• Research Engineer in Cyber-Security
• Chief Information Security Officer