The school

Key figures

  • Founding date within the Lorraine University1990
  • As a public school, TELECOM Nancy conducts a 3-year training programme for general engineers in IT and digital sciences and technologies.
  • Certification to issue the engineering degree, renewed for 6 years (maximum duration) by the CTI at the start of the academic year 2016.
  • More than 2300 engineers have already obtained a degree from TELECOM Nancy
  • 34 employed research professors and teachers and more than 60 external lecturers
  • 17 members of administrative and technical staff
  • Approximately 90 degrees issued each year
  • 5 specialisations
  • student bodies
  • 40 clubs
  • 1 alumni association
  • Tuition fees (excluding international mobility courses): approximately € 600 per year.