Artificial Intelligence and Mass Data



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Masses of data, or Big Data in English, are sets of data whose volume and/or complexity are such that they:

  • cannot be handled with conventional tools,
  • constitute samples of sufficient size to conduct analyzes or make good quality predictions.
Why explore them?

Because they are gold mines! The knowledge extracted from masses of data has a lot of value for companies and institutions that use it to guide their strategic decisions.

Target companies

The opportunities for this deepening are diverse and growing since IAMD directly concerns activities linked to the notions of Big Data, artificial intelligence and data science. The tools and methods associated with these notions are used by major IT players (for example Google, SAP, Oracle, Amazon), by web companies (such as AirBnB, Pinterest, Deezer) and a multitude of other organizations which have data and seek to valorize it using this type of approach (such as banks, insurance companies, distribution, transport, energy, health companies, local authorities and the National Library of France).

What you learn in IAMD

You strengthen your knowledge of data analysis:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence, learning
  • Mining of data, graphs, texts
  • Data visualization

You acquire strong technological skills:

  • Distributed and parallel systems
  • Cloud computing
  • NoSQL

You are aware of the problems posed by real data
Professionals from different fields (health, energy, geosciences, transport) will come and share their data and the problems they encounter with you to take advantage of it.


Engineers from IAMD will be able to move towards careers as Data Scientist or Data Engineer based on their skills regarding:

  • the tools and methods adapted to the valorization of masses of data,
  • their ability to understand data associated with a particular profession and the associated issues.