International relations

Academic and professional experience abroad has become vital for a large majority of companies. Being able to boast experience abroad is one of the biggest assets that a young engineer can claim for his/her integration into the professional world. At TELECOM Nancy, this opportunity is etched into the student’s curriculum.

TELECOM Nancy is committed to a process of developing its international relations, which translates into the intensification of its activities and the diversification of its partnerships.This dynamic is consistent with our international relations policy which is expressed via the following objectives:

  • Welcoming foreign students and research professors
  • Strengthening the international perspective of TELECOM Nancy students
  • Easing the recognition of study periods via the introduction of the credit system into training programmes
  • Encouraging the social, cultural and linguistic integration of foreign students at TELECOM Nancy
  • Setting up specific support for foreign students staying within the scope of agreements and exchange programmes
  • Strengthening English language skills