Industrial projects

In order to send us your industrial project offers, a form is available here for download and must be filled in and returned:
– by e-mail to
– by post to: TELECOM Nancy – 193 avenue Paul Muller – F-54600 Villers-lès-Nancy, France  


The purpose of the 3rd year TELECOM Nancy project is to raise awareness among students to the practical problems encountered by companies by providing them with an industrial project that they must complete. This project is initiated by one of TELECOM Nancy’s partner companies. 

The projects are mainly based on the specification and manufacture of an industrial product or software item (from specifications, etc. to tests) originating from the fields of application of information technology, networks, telecommunications and computer-integrated manufacturing. This therefore provides students with the opportunity to practice the tools, languages, techniques, methods, models and designs taught throughout the three years of training on industrial examples. 

In addition to the complex problematic aspect that must be analysed, this project also comprises a project management and software engineering component such as the drafting of specifications and the production of specific documents: specification, design, tests, user manual, maintenance manual, etc. This is also an opportunity to use meticulous methods and computer tools. Some projects are followed by an internship, however this is not a strict rule.


The project groups are normally comprised of three or four students from the TELECOM Nancy specialisations: Big Data; Software engineering; Internet Systems and Security; Enterprise information systems and Embedded software. This raises the awareness of all students to the problems connected to the communication, organisation and circulation of information.

The quantity of individual work is estimated at approximately 200 hours. Each project is monitored by the company via a manager (project manager) and by the school via a teacher (consultant). Each group holds a mid-point presentation and a presentation at the end of the project. An intermediary report, a final report and an audit also play an integral role in the industrial project.

Manager: Anne-Laure CRUGNOLA