The school

Mines-Telecom Institute

On September 21, 2011 in Nancy, an Institut Télécom (Institut Mines-Télécom since March 1, 2012) / Henri Poincaré University (University of Lorraine since January 1, 2012) – ESIAL (TELECOM Nancy since January 29) agreement was signed. June 2012). By this agreement, TELECOM Nancy became the 7th associated school (now “affiliated school”) of the Institut Télécom.

The agreement makes it possible to deploy cooperation at the levels of governance but also of educational engineering and research projects, between the school and the schools of the Institute. Concretely, the Institut Télécom participates in the steering bodies of the associated school, new training courses can be created, and for engineering students, this translates into opportunities for exchanges between schools.
In terms of research and innovation , TELECOM Nancy, like the other associated schools, participates in the animation of the scientific activities of the Institute. Researchers can work together on issues developed within the Institute such as networks and media of the future, embedded systems, communicating objects, etc., and together respond to ANR or PCRDT (Europe ).

TELECOM Nancy has thus joined the network of affiliated schools of the Institut Mines-Télécom .
The concept of affiliated school, developed within the framework of the Institut Télécom 2008-2012 strategic plan, is a means of strengthening cooperation between schools totally or essentially oriented towards information and communication technologies in France. , while keeping a flexible organizational framework.

On March 1, 2012, the Institut Télécom opened to mining schools and became the Institut Mines-Télécom , the leading group of engineering schools in France .