Serious Game INNOV8 2.0

As part of the GIE (Integrated Business Management) module of the SIE (Business Information System) deepening of TELECOM Nancy dealing with the profession of functional consultant in the field of ERPs, 24 students learn to analyze a company and produce a process module , in the standardized language BMPN (Business Process Modeling Notation).

This model, representative of the functions and operation of the company, is the basis for the analysis of the functional differences of this company with the implemented and configurable functions of an ERP, in this case SAGE X3 with which thelorraine inter-establishment production workshop has an educational agreement to offer us access to their cloud.

In order for students to understand what a BMPN process model can provide, Mr. Jean-Louis PIERREL, President of the TELECOM Nancy Development Council, offers the serious game IBM INNOV8 2.0 with mixed teams of students from TELECOM Nancy and Nancy Mines.

Their mission: to learn the basics of business process management (BPM). Play the IBM® BPM strategic simulation game, Innov8, in which teams will have to focus entirely on BPM activities.

One of the scenarios consists of reconfiguring a modeled business process. A second scenario is oriented “Smart City” where it is necessary to choose the best IT solution to urban problems. Students interact with other virtual employees, participating in their daily activities in the fictional company. Through this virtual scenario of a real case, they learn everything about BPM, by discovering, collaborating and optimizing the processes of the company or the smart city.

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