Google Hash Code 2022

Justine Basselin, 2018 graduate of TELECOM Nancy and PhD student at the LORIA / Inria laboratory, University of Lorraine, took part in the Google Hash Code 2022 competition, for which the school was one of the host hubs for the 3rd consecutive year.

His team ranked 1st of the 100% French teams, 2nd in France and 31st in the world out of more than 10,000 teams!

Justine Basselin agreed to answer a few questions.

Hello Justine, congratulations on this superb result! Can you tell us more about the Google Hash Code contest?

Hash Code is the programming contest organized by Google, but it’s above all a great opportunity to have fun on an algorithmic challenge with one to three friends and some pizzas.

The proposed problem is complex enough to not be able to be solved by simple methods (e.g. PLNE, genetic algorithms, etc.) in the given time (3h45min).
Rather, it’s about looking at the different datasets provided and finding the best heuristic for each.
For example, this year’s problem was to assign projects to contributors, we could sort projects by score, deadline, skills required, etc., to get better results.
You can find the complete topic here:

Is there an after?

We are waiting for the results to know if we are qualified for the final, generally the first 40 teams are qualified, we should receive an email during the week. In the meantime, the Quiche LORIAinne team (photo above) has started training on the euler project or even codeforce (which I recommend to TELECOM Nancy students), because each year, the top of the Hash Code ranking is occupied by the same regulars, so we will redouble our efforts to obtain a good ranking, while continuing to work on our thesis, of course.

Congratulations to our graduate and her team!

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