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Websites of companies that have been created (or are undergoing creation) by TELECOM Nancy engineers

  •      Amigolog, company created by Christian Franiatte, class of 1995
  •      Clinique Micro PC, company created by Marc Caissial, class of 1993
  •      Eiflex ltd, company co-created by Emmanuel Bouyer, class of 1993
  •      EmisFR, company created by Stéphane Berthelot, class of 2001
  •      eSolution, company created by Marc Wazir, class of 1998
  •      Grav’deco, company created by Laurent Muhlich, class of 2000
  •      IIm-informatique, company created by Guillaume Maillard, class of 2001
  •      Sailendra, company co-created by Sylvain Castagnos, class of 2003
  •      Scribay, company co-created by Manuel Darcemont, class of 2009
  •      Starburst Gaming, company created by Benjamin Ségault, class of 2014
  •      Twake, company co-created by par Romaric Mourgues and Benoît Tallandier, class of 2018
  •      Zenika, company co-created by Laurent Delvaux, class of 2001
  •      Zenitique, company created by Marc Caissial, class of 1993 

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