Vocational education tax / Donations

Any company interested in the performance of its teams invests in training.Whether information technology is at the very heart of your company or simply used within your business, many have found a response to their needs in terms of managerial skills, technical knowledge and development perspectives from the TELECOM Nancy profile.

You can help us maintain the highest level of TELECOM Nancy training by providing your company’s support.With this in mind, France has created a tax referred to as the vocational education tax (“taxe d’apprentissage”), which is calculated according to the company’s payroll, the purpose of which being to make companies play a role in financing professional and technological training programmes. TELECOM Nancy is authorised to receive this tax, which represents nearly one quarter of its budget.

Companies not subject to this tax, for example those set up abroad, can nonetheless contribute to TELECOM Nancy’s development by:

– paying the vocational education tax via one of their branches, agency or subsidiary, located in France and which is subject to this tax,
– making a donation either financial in nature or in kind (for example computing equipment).

Via your financial support, you are taking part in the development of TELECOM Nancy’s flagship projects :

  • Improving equipment and facilities
  • Setting up an TELECOM Nancy engineering training programme by apprenticeship
  • Developing TELECOM Nancy’s international relations
  • Specialisation in embedded software
  • Strengthening TELECOM Nancy’s relations with the Institut Télécom

Funds paid to TELECOM Nancy contribute to financing:

  • the development of specific learning projects,
  • the purchase of computing, software and video equipment,
  • educational services such as the payment of external operators or the use of specialist equipment and premises.

Download our brochure on the vocational education tax 2021