Fresco of the climate: engineering students from TELECOM Nancy made aware of climate change

The fresco of the climate

The “Team Cohesion” seminar for first-year engineering students takes place from January 11 to 13; it was inaugurated by a workshop “La fresco du climat”.

Since 2018, the Fresque du Climat association has been working to engage individuals in the ecological transition by allowing the rapid dissemination of a shared understanding of the challenge of climate change.

The climate fresco is a 3-hour collaborative workshop which aims to understand climate issues in order to act. These are fun and participatory workshops designed to raise students’ awareness of climate change: it is an excellent tool for raising awareness.

The students were divided into 8 groups of 16, supervised by 12 facilitators. The workshop takes the form of a card game highlighting the links between cause and effect. It is above all a group work centered around visuals, which aims to understand climate change and to think about solutions.

Together, they built a fresco by linking environmental issues. Once the problems were raised, they decorated the fresco by letting their imaginations run wild.

Each fresco created was presented to all the participants during the presentation in the amphitheater. The students were able to report their satisfaction and the discovery of a collaborative, collective and creative workshop.

A big thank you to the team in charge of the organization and to the animators for this so important event.

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