Results of the CGE professional survey

For the 9th consecutive year, TELECOM Nancy, with the help of Alisé, its alumni association, took part in the survey of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) on the placement of graduates. This was conducted from February to March 2022 with TELECOM Nancy graduates from the 2019, 2020 and 2021 promotions.

We provide you here with a summary of the results obtained and warmly thank our graduates who participated in the process! The overall results of the CGE Grandes Ecoles survey at the national level are available on the website

Advanced training needs in the digital sector

Results of the professional integration survey conducted by TELECOM Nancy among its 2019, 2020 and 2021 graduates.


Average search time for the first job: about 15 days.

Nearly 3/4 found their job before graduation

40% of graduates in professional activity exercise a function related to the international

TELECOM Nancy is a generalist engineering school in the field of computer science and digital science and technology.

Computing and its applications, an ever-growing sector in the digital economy.
All areas of economic life, all trades are profoundly transformed by IT and its applications, whether in the process of producing wealth or with manufactured objects, tangible and intangible. Computing and more generally ICST are at the heart of the knowledge society. They promote the acceleration of process and product innovation because they are generic technologies. They are the support for a more collective and more interactive production of knowledge and skills. They enable innovative networked practices. They systematize the accumulation of knowledge in databases, the integration of knowledge and its mobilization. IT and ICST are a major growth factor in France and around the world .

According to APEC, IT and telecommunications activities are the main sector creating managerial jobs in France and there are still too few IT engineers to meet all the needs of companies . The engineers trained by TELECOM Nancy respond perfectly to this demand and benefit from exceptional hiring prospects with an average search time for the first job of 15 days!

The educational objectives, in line with the progress of research and the ever-increasing demands of professional circles, are defined within an educational council made up of teachers and professionals. The engineer graduated from TELECOM Nancy, team manager creating the interface between state-of-the-art equipment and demanding users, constitutes a particularly sought-after profile. The general and scientific training acquired at TELECOM Nancy offers these engineers open management careers, going beyond their initial area of specialization.

Main functions performed:

Analyst, cybersecurity consultant
Information Systems Architect
Embedded system architect
Auditor, penetration testing expert
Project Manager
Designer / Developer / Integrator
Advisor, expert
Functional consultant and software integration
data scientist
Data Engineer
Expert in digital investigation
Security integrator/developer
Research & Development Engineer
Tender Manager
Information Systems Security Manager


  • Tools
  • Systems
  • Networks
  • Telecoms


  • Software
  • Networks – Telecommunications
  • Information system


  • of studies
  • Software
  • System
  • Networks
  • research


  • Information system
  • IT security
  • Operation

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