TELECOM Nancy organized the third edition of its cyber-security event “Capture The Flag” on January 26 and 27, where students from several training courses competed through a computer security and hacking challenge composed of 40 levels !

“Understanding attacks to better protect themselves from them”, such is the objective of these 48 hours of intense challenges taking place at TELECOM Nancy on a first-rate cyber-security platform, made up of a red team room (offensive) , a blue team room (defensive), and a professional-level cyber-range. The latter was inaugurated in September 2019 in the presence of François Werner, Vice-President Grand-Est Region, and Colonel Ohrenstein, Commander of the Nancy Defense Base.

Cyber security competition

A “Capture the Flag” event (or “Capture the flag” in French) is a computer security competition between several teams, whose objective is to exploit (or protect against) vulnerabilities affecting infrastructures IT (software, network equipment, connected objects), in order to break into a system and steal flags, constituting evidence of the intrusion.

Under the supervision of recognized experts in the field, notably from the TELECOM Nancy Alumni network, this international challenge is part of the CONCORDIA European consortium of excellence in cybersecurity and the European skills alliance in Erasmus + REWIRE cyber-security. Organized in compliance with health constraints and pedagogical oriented, it was mainly intended for 3rd year engineering students from TELECOM Nancy and students from IUT Nancy-Brabois.

Congratulation to all participants ! A special thank you to Maxime Clementz , TELECOM Nancy Alumni, for his expertise and contributions to the excellence of the school for several years! The three finalists of the challenge were: Matthieu Pham (40568 points), Robert Bastien (40267 points) and Louis Jacotot (39399 points).

Students at the top of national and European challenges

Previously, during a national cyber-security competition, organized by the Cyber Defense Command (COMCYBER), under the authority of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, a team of students from TELECOM Nancy (HackInTN club) reached the top 5 overall out of more than 500 teams in July 2020.

Students from TELECOM Nancy were also ranked in the top 3 out of more than sixty international teams (professional and student), for the qualifications of the European CTF “Cube Apocalypse” organized by the University of the German Federal Armed Forces (Munich , Germany).

TELECOM Nancy students also demonstrated their dexterity during the DG’Hack challenge organized by the General Directorate of Armaments (DGA), with a ranking in the top 5 out of more than 300 student teams .

Cybersecurity at TELECOM Nancy

TELECOM Nancy trains engineers in computer science and digital sciences over three years and offers a specialization in cyber-security called ” Internet Systems and Security “.

The school is a member of the European consortium CONCORDIA of excellence in cybersecurity and of the European alliance of skills in cybersecurity Erasmus + REWIRE , and participates in the cyber-reservists pole in collaboration with the Ministry of the Armed Forces .

Equipped with cutting-edge technological equipment including a cyber-range professional and driven by the expertise of its teacher-researchers and its partner companies, TELECOM Nancy now offers a cyber-security training offer that is unique in the Grand Est region and responds to a crucial need: the global shortage of experts. in cyber-security (1.8 million unfilled positions by 2022 according to Gartner).

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